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Rather than hiring “water cops” and having your email box filled with angry requests for waiver of penalties for watering on the wrong day, we offer solutions to ensure that you can continue to provide your community with high quality water services, keeping the fire hydrants charged and restaurant glasses filled; while all around you our professional water use efficiency staff are whittling away at the amount of water used by each of your customers.

Enforcement-a Decade’s Old Approach

Although your customers have heard the message that the state is in a drought, and they have enjoyed the lack of rain all winter, it is doubtful that they truly understand the implications if they do not respond to your request for a 30% reduction in water use.  You are convinced that they will eventually comply, but they have spent decades beautifying their yard, installing amazing spa-showers and planting the organic herb garden.  They assume you are asking them to further reduce water consumption in their home, because there is no way you would ever ask them to let their garden die, would you…..

Today’s Water Customer

The reality is, today’s water customer in California has established an unrealistic expectation for an unlimited,  very reliable supply of very inexpensive water.   Reduction of consumption will involve much more than threats of enforcement and increased water rates. First of all, it will take months of receiving a huge water bill and a few panic calls to the utility before customers reduce usage.  Ineffective.  Customers will water in the middle of the night to avoid fines  and assume that the utility will not catch it until after the summer and their garden has survived.

Today’s water customer does not have the time to paw through a voluminous website to find marginally effective water conservation tips.  They need immediate and constant information, delivered in the format that is already part of their technology filled lifestyle.

We employ all means necessary to produce a guaranteed reduction in your community’s water consumption, as required to achieve your (end-user) water use reduction goals.   To ensure success, water providers must be fully engaged in the success of the program and have set realistic reduction goals.

Our program involves assertive and direct customer engagement and communication via  web, text, email, phone , social media, mail,  and direct contact.  We coordinate and conduct presentations and workshops to offer hands-on education, information and resource coordination as necessary to ensure community saturation.

Our Water Use Efficiency Practitioners conduct selective property site visits, perform water audits, develop efficiency reports, and coordinate the completion of conservation work such as smart irrigation, landscape and irrigation  remodel, grey water conversion, rainwater catchment, fixture and appliance upgrade, water system monitoring and control systems.

What We Need

Access to agency consumption reports and data, a cooperative and receptive community, access to local technical and contractor resources and community/civic groups are critical.

A system site and community visit, and staff/board interview is required to develop the initial project scope, budget and to determine the strategy to fully achieve the necessary reduction goals.   A specific implementation strategy report is prepared. If the agency chooses to proceed with implementation of the process using our services, the cost of the strategy report is waived.  Should the agency choose not to proceed with our services, or to implement the strategy wit their own forces, the strategy report fee shall be compensation for the services provided.  

The cost for implementation services will be proposed on a time and materials or lump sum cost basis as desired by the agency.  Incentive + (schedule) based contracts will also be considered on a case by case basis.

Factors which affect cost include:

  • Community size and water system complexity, access, traffic, etc
  • Amount of water use reduction desired and probability of success
  • Schedule
  • Access to equipment, materials and supplies, contractors, and their cost
  • Agency staff dedicated to the effort and level of access to that staff
  • Customer response experience in previous calls for water conservation; enforcement success probability
  • Temporary office availability and cost
  • Availability of internet, cellular, WiFi technology and level of its proliferation in the community
  • Amount and detail of readily available customer water usage  data

The cost of program services increases and probability of success decreases as time passes and summer approaches.  Contact us as quickly as possible to reserve your schedule for site visit.    

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