Fines, fees, penalties and lashings oh my!

After three decades of providing inexpensive water, communities throughout the state are wondering why customers wont slow down on water use when asked, or required by their water utility.  “We don’t have a lawn, so we just do not know what to do” says the average customer.   When you call the utility to inquire how to cut back 30%, you most likely will be read a prepared statement which was written in 1977 and dusted off just for this drought occassion.  “Turn the water off when you brush your teeth, do full loads of laundry, when its yellow……..”.

As I was attending a meeting on March 11, 2014 to see what innovative strategies and grant funds were being deployed to deal with this drought, the following articles were being distributed in local communities.

Santa Cruz to issue fines to force residential customers to slow down on water use.

Communities struggle with implementing drought restrictions.

To be successful in reducing water consumption this year, after allowing customers to use water as they wish for decades, we must use different tactics.  How about a text that your sprinklers appear to have malfunctioned?  Or 50% of the cost of a grey water reuse system paid by a state grant?   Or a graph of your water usage round-the-clock and a report of options which you can implement to reduce your consumption by 30% and your landscaping not die?  Or a rebate for removing sod this year and replacing it in the future with drought tolerant plants?

We provide the solutions.  goin’ viral with Droughtresponse!

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